covid protocols

Did you know that according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), some of the new protocols that may be introduced in the future are:
  1. Capacity limits in the building and throughout public areas
  2. Digital technology for check-in
  3. Hand sanitizer stations at frequent points including where luggage is stored
  4. Contactless payment instead of cash
  5. Using stairs more often than lifts where social distancing rules can be harder to maintain
  6. Fitness equipment being moved for greater separation
The good news is that at Nirvana Country House, we meet all of the above protocols already!
  1. Our wide passageways and variety of spacious outdoor areas ensure that there is lots of space for social distancing
  2. Your check-in is preceded by a temperature check and hand sanitization.A freshly sanitized pen is available for you to use if you do not have your own when supplying details required.
  3. Hand sanitizer is well placed throughout the lodge
  4. We have credit card facilities with "card tap" technology, but most payments are done online prior to your stay.
  5. Our establishment only has stairs so there is no concern about over-crowding in lifts
  6. Our virtual chair is in a separate area of the lodge and can only accommodate one guest at a time.Sanitizing takes place before and after all sessions.